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Process & Costs
First Thing's First!
Since I formed Naturescapes back in 2006, one of the biggest challenges for me, personally, is ascertaining client’s budgets. I have found over the years, that 95% of the people I meet, simply have no idea what it costs to get work done and perhaps the other 5% choose not to tell me in the belief I may fulfil their aspirations for less than they had budgeted for...............bonus!
I have to be honest, somewhere in that 95% there is probably a good percentage who believe you can have a garden transformed for £500 (I say that with a smile on my face but believe me it does happen). 

I have personally spent hours searching through the internet looking at costs to have your garden re-designed and built and the fact is there is next to zero information available. Perhaps it's one of those taboo subjects as nobody likes to discuss money. It's been a big decision for me to create this page on my site and may well be one that is frowned upon by my industry piers however, I think it's important for all my perspective clients to gain a better understanding of what's involved in your garden re-design and to see where your hard earned cash is going.  

General Guide

In its most simplest of terms a garden type can be classed as small, medium, large and extra-large. Let’s say for say sake, we focus on either the front or back garden and treat them as separate entities. Let’s assume you want your garden re-designed by us to include roughly 10 -15% Hard Landscaping (paving, fencing, walling, raised planters, decking etc.) and 85 - 90% Soft Landscaping (Sub-Soils, Bedding, Grass, Planting etc.). The cost will include removal of waste from site, logistics of materials, project management, our overheads, use of tools, staff and insurance etc. As a rough guide you could expect to pay the following based on your garden size:

Please bear in mind there can be big differentials in this price depending on site conditions, materials used, etc. There are so many variables and every project is very different.

Where Does My Money Go?

First of all I am delighted you have come across our site. You have taken the first steps towards getting your dream garden...................or have you? You are probably going to fall into one of three categories here, "don't have a clue what to do", "I have a few ideas in my head" or "I know exactly what I want". Depending on which one you are, it's at this stage that you will either require design work or not. As a general guide the price for design work will range from £150 - £500 (depending on your garden size, see above).  When you first make an enquiry with us I offer a free consultation where ideas can be discussed and usually design work can be avoided and a straight forward no obligation quotation provided. If however, your project is more involved and you struggle to visualise the overall plan I would recommend a 2D plan be drawn up. It's worth bearing in mind, if you decide to have plans drawn up, the cost of these is taken off the price should you decide to go ahead and instruct us to carry out the installation.

Let’s Break it Down

Paving (per M2)

Excavation (£10.00) + Waste Removal (£10.00) + Sub Base (£5.00) + Mortar Bed (10.00) + Paving Slabs (£20.00) + Laying and Pointing (£50.00)

Based on this, the cost is £60.00 labour and £45.00 materials and waste removal. The only real variable here is your choice of paving slab. Total cost is £105.00 per M2. As an example if you want a patio laid that is 3 metres x 8 metres (total 24M2) you can expect to pay £2,520 + Vat.

Decking (perM2)

Decking is similar in price to paving per M2. Again there are variables on this, some of which include deck height, ground conditions, material (softwood, hardwood, anti-slip & composite). Raised decks will require a balustrade and in most cases steps all of which will add to the price.
With all our decks, we do not float a deck on the existing ground nor do we look to drill holes in your house to support joists. All our decks are built on upright support posts which are concreted at least 300mm into the ground. We then attach the main joist and brace structure onto which your deck boards are fixed. In simple terms, it's built to last!

As a general guide, if you consider a flat, ground level deck (150mm above the ground) you would have to budget approximately £100 per M2 + Vat. Again, a deck, 8 metres x 4 metres (32m2) will cost £3,200 + Vat. A similar hardwood deck would cost approx. £140 per M2 and composite upwards of £200 per M2.

Turfing (perM2)

Turfing is a tricky one to estimate without a site visit. It goes without saying a successful lawn will depend highly on the ground conditions. Poor drainage and poor soil are one of the biggest causes of a poor lawn. Simply removing your old lawn and laying a fresh one will only look nice for about a month unless the underlying issues are addressed. 

Buying a good quality turf is relatively cheap (£3.00 - £9.00 per M2) and a good quality screened topsoil can be bought from £30.00 - £60.00 per ton. Let’s assume you have a poor uneven lawn that is full of moss and weeds. In order to put things right, it would require the grass layer and weeds to be lifted (20mm) using a special tool called a turf cutter. In addition to this, the soil beneath, which is obviously causing the problem would also need to be removed. Again let’s assume we have to dig out and dispose of 100mm of this. Once this is removed we would need to ascertain whether the poor soil was a cause of poor drainage or whether additional drainage needs to be installed. 

So, let’s assume your grass area is 10 metres x 10 metres (100m2). If we consider the scenario above, that would require the removal of 18 tons of waste from the site (120mm x 10 metres x 10 metres). When you consider an 8 Yard Skip will hold approximately 8 ton of soil then you can quickly work out you would need at least 2 skips. An 8 Yard Skip is currently £220.00 and as we have now removed 18 ton we obviously need to put at least 18 ton back in.  As we need a sizeable amount of soil we can assume we can get it at £30.00 a ton so the cost for this is £540.00 + VAT and delivery.
Add to that the cost of your turf at say £5.00 M2 (£500.00) + delivery then you looking at a total of £1,480 + VAT and delivery (£1,786.00). 
Now let’s consider the labour element. To manually remove 18 ton from a back garden (assuming we can't get a digger around) would take 2 men approximately 3 days. We would then insert 18 ton of material by barrow back into the garden which would take 2 men approx. 1 day. The soil then needs to be rolled and levelled and raked into a fine tilth and 100m2 of turf brought around and laid, approx. 2 days. The total labour time for 2 men to complete the project would be 6 days. Our current rate for 2016 for 2 men for 1 day is £370.00 giving a total of £2,220.00 on labour and when added to the materials and waste £1,786.00 gives a grand total of £4,006.00. Taking all this into consideration, we get a price of £40.06 per M2.

In calculating a new lawn simply measure length x width to get your M2 then times that by £40.06 and you won't be far away.


Hopefully the above will give you an insight into the costs of some of the more popular features we get asked for.

Please see the table below to give you a quick reference guide to per M2 costs. We will assume for now that your garden is completely flat and laid entirely with lawn. The costs also include labour, waste removal and VAT. In addition to this, the cost will include, tool usage, insurance and company overheads.

​For some further reading on cost, click on this link to take you to the "Which Site"

Two key statements have always stood out to me, “you get what you pay for" & "buy cheap, buy twice". Having your garden landscaped is what many people would class as a luxury but I actually believe it's more than that. In Scotland, your home is your castle, it goes without saying that first impressions count. Paying for and having your garden professionally installed will not only give your house kerb appeal but will also add value. Get this part wrong and the result could be the complete opposite.
I have witnessed first hand, the results of poor workmanship, things done on the cheap you might's a waste of money and will ultimately cost more in the long run to correct or even worse replace.

Naturescapes have carried out a lot of work based on referrals and we also believe that if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly. We stand by our workmanship and will always offer references and contact details of previous clients. We are fully insured up to £1 million should something ever go wrong and whatever happens after your project is complete, we are only ever a phone call away.

If you’re serious about your garden, why not get in touch with us and arrange a free consultation and no obligation quotation.